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In A Nutshell: Accreditation


CCS is at the end of its accreditation journey. TODAY, three AdvancED evaluators are with us and are finishing up our external review which is the final step in the accreditation process. We completed our internal review in September, having begun it in May 2014 when we achieved candidacy status. This afternoon, the review team will share with the accreditation committee its findings and whether or not it will recommend us for accredited status. Then, we wait for the mailman to deliver the shiny certificate.

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Our Purpose

Calvary Classical School is a ministry of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, in Hampton, Virginia. We offer instruction from Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) through Grade 6.

The purpose of Calvary Classical School is to assist parents in providing for their children a distinctively Christian education. Because we recognize that all knowledge comes from God, we are committed to integrating the truth of Scripture into every aspect of the program and to training children to think biblically about every area of life. Because we recognize that God expects the very best from His people, we are committed to high academic quality.

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