2nd Grade

2nd Grade

ccs_opening_day82 img_1842Wendy Vallee is the second grade teacher at Calvary Classical School. Wendy holds a degree in special education from Presbyterian College. Her experience ranges from pre-school to third grade, including five years as the lead teacher for three third grade classes at the Geneva School in Florida (a classical, Christian school), special education in the Newport News School system, and beloved second grade teacher at CCS. Wendy and her husband, Brent, are members of By Grace Community Church.

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2017-2018 2nd Grade Supply List

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FIVE FINGER TEST for determining reading level:
The five finger test is a technique that a child and parent or teacher can use to help a child determine if a book is at his or her reading level.
1. Have the child open the book to a page in the middle. If possible, choose a page that is all text without any pictures.
2. Either the adult or child should hold up five fingers on one hand.
3. The child begins reading at the top of the page.
4. Every time the child stumbles over a word or comes to a word he or she doesn’t know, put a finger down.
5. If the child can get to the bottom of the page and still have at least one finger up, this book has passed the five finger test!