Standardized Testing – How Do We Rate?

Standardized Testing – How Do We Rate?

CCS uses the CTP-4 because it offers comparison to other independent schools and assesses both ability and achievement. It is a challenging test, but we were very pleased with our initial marks in 2015. This year (spring 2016), the scores were even better! We strengthened our standing in many areas. The graphs below give a quick comparison to other schools.

Please note the following things as you look at these charts:

  1. These scores are percentile rankings. They do not tell us the percent of correct answers, but rank the student’s score against others who took the same test. A score of 75 indicates that the student scored as well as or better than 75 percent of the students in the same norm group.
  2. These are median or middle scores. All the students’ scores in the class are ordered, and the one in the middle is graphed. (In the national norm group, the middle score is always 50, as indicated by the red line.)
  3. The green bar (grade) is Calvary Classical School. Our comparison group is the yellow bar, other independent schools who use this standardized test. We’d like to be at or above this comparison group, or near it if we are below.
Standardized Testing
Standardized Testing Rating
Standardized Testing Christian School
Standardized Testing Private School
Comparison with other local schools

Did you take note of those comparisons? In 28 sub-tests, our median score ranked above in 22, at the same level in five, and slightly below in just one area. For a second year, we have fared well and demonstrated the effectiveness and strength of our academic program. We are comparing ourselves to some highly competitive schools—Hampton Roads Academy and Norfolk Collegiate School to name two in our area. There is some stiff competition out there. Many independent schools have a challenging admission process with acceptance based on IQ testing or high marks on placement testing. We have no such requirements; we evaluate our students’ needs and place them in the grade we believe is most appropriate for their success. We are thankful to God for the labors of our faculty, staff, students, and parents in making our program effective in fulfilling the mission to educate and equip our students.

Testing in perspective – the Big Picture

As encouraging as these reports are, we recognize that standardized testing is just one small glimpse at our students. It is not the big picture. Yes, we did very well overall in this snapshot of student achievement. But of far greater importance in our eyes is the day-to-day and year-by-year work in the classroom to grow our young learners into Christian thinkers. Daily pointing our students to Christ through the curriculum—that is our high calling. That will fulfill our full mission to produce students who think and learn independently to the glory of God. That’s what makes an effective little school.