Tuition Schedule

Tuition Schedule

2017-2018 Financial Information

Registration Fees
A nonrefundable fee of $100 per student in all grades. A maximum registration fee is $150 per family.

Book and Supply Fees
These fees cover student books and materials; association membership fees such as ACSI, ACCS, VCPS, and HRACS; and insurance/legal fees.

Families have three options by which to pay book and supply fees:
A. In full by July 15
B. Half, along with each semester-based tuition payment on July 15 and January 15, respectively
C. Roll the fees into FACTS monthly payments, the first of which is due July 15


All kindergarten programs are half-day programs.

Tuition Payments
Yearly: If paying yearly, tuition is due by July 15. Payments made directly to school office.
Semester: Semester payments are due July 15 and January 15. Payments made directly to school office.
Monthly: Monthly payments are made on an 11-month basis with the first payment due in July. Monthly payments are paid through FACTS and families may choose to pay on the 5th or 20th of each month. The FACTS enrollment fee is $45.