Educational Links

Educational Links

Classical Christian Education
Association of Classical Christian Schools

The Lost Tools of Learning– essay by Dorothy Sayer

Discover Classical Christian Education best summary in pamphlet form

Classical Christian Education: A Look at Some History -article by Ben House


CTP 4 Parent Guides
CTP 4 Parent Guide: Grades 1-2

CTP 4 Parent Guide: Grades 3-6


Latin Flash Cards
Latin for Children

Latin Alive Texts


Love and Logic -Join the Free Insiders’ Club to receive weekly email tips on excellent parenting skills. These little vignettes are encouraging pick-me-ups in the midst of the trench work of parenting. See also the resource page for parents for excellent parenting articles on a host of topics, such as “School Success Starts Early” and “Manners Matter!”


Reading and Language Arts – Visit for more information about phonograms, the “building blocks” of words and of our spelling program at CCS.

CCS Reading Lists, grades 1-8

Free Classic Audio Books– These are read by volunteers.

Books that can be streamed from your smart phone

Institute for Excellence in Writing – Learn more about the excellent and exciting writing program used across the curriculum and in all grades at CCS. In the “About Us” section, find informative newsletters and articles, such as “Writing Without Tears” and “Thoughts on Creativity.”

Reading Rockets – This site is dedicated to teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle. On the parents’ resource page, find many helpful articles, such as “103 Things to Do Before, During, and After Reading” and “Toddling Toward Reading.”

The Company You Keep – Recommended literature for boys


Science Fair Mecca
Reminder: The school office also has a whole range of educational resources available to check out to CCS families.