Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

At Calvary Classical School (CCS), our vision is to develop the gift of reason within our students, enabling them to comprehend the works of God in creation and redemption to the end that they will know God and enjoy Him forever.  The school seeks to accomplish this by being a Reformed PreK-12th grade school with the necessary facilities to accomplish this purpose. It is our goal to offer families a complete classical Christian education consisting of the entire Trivium. We envision permanent facilities that provide spacious classrooms, professional administrative offices, ample storage, and expansive co-curricular activities to enrich the student body.

Above: CCS students showing off the new building and their cowboy hats in 2009.

Where we are now

Above: CCS students, faculty & staff showing their love for our school on #LOVECCS Day.

We are already partway to reaching these goals, and as you’ll read below, we need your help to achieve the entire vision. In 2008, we made plans to update the existing grounds, add a new parking lot, and build a permanent facility for CCS.  In 2009 we completed the initial improvements to the grounds, constructed the new parking lot and renovated the existing parking lots, and completed our first permanent school building, which houses the school office and 2 classrooms. The modular buildings that house the majority of the school are in need of replacement due to increasing maintenance requirements as well as increasing student enrollment.  The classrooms in the modular buildings have required annual relocation of classes in order to support the changing student enrollment.  This predicament is evidence of the need for larger permanent classrooms to ensure the mission of CCS is upheld!

Where we plan to be

In recent years, current CCS families and prospective families alike have inquired about when CCS will be adding additional grades. CCS was pleased to offer seventh grade for the 2016-2017 school year and has announced plans to offer instruction through the eighth grade beginning in August 2017. CCS families, whose students have recently been promoted beyond our academic offerings, have voiced their strong desire to remain at CCS and their struggles to find another school suitable for their students.  This is evidence of increasing quality and a growing appreciation of CCS. It is also indicative of God’s outpouring of blessing upon the efforts of CCS to provide a classical Christian education to Hampton Roads.

The Capital Campaign of CCS is our fundraising effort to move us toward our vision of larger, permanent classrooms with enough space to offer the full classical school trivium. In partnership with the leadership of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church, plans are being made to build a multi-purpose building with a gymnasium. This building will include enough classrooms to replace the two modular buildings now in use.

We hope that you will partner with us as we work to make this vision a reality. Click here to donate now.